Three design mistakes to avoid when designing your space

I often come across these three common design mistakes that people make. They are easily avoided and can take your space from “okay” to “amazing” if you correct them.

  1. Furniture that is too big or small for the space

Don’t keep granny’s furniture just because she gave it to you. We often keep things out of a sense of sentimentality or loyalty. Scale and proportion is everything in a room and this type of furniture it ends up being too big or small for the space and never looks quite right.. Measure the room before buying furniture and even tape out the size of your furniture to be sure. Sell off some of your old furniture to create some budget for new. If you can’t replace all at once then replace over time.


Too Big

 To Scale

  1. Hanging curtains too low

 This is something I see all the time. Curtains need to be hung just below the ceiling and not just above the window frame. This immediately lifts the room, opens it up, and gives the impression of height.

  1. Badly spaced artwork

 There is nothing worse in a room than one small picture hung randomly on a wall and a big expanse of wall around it so that it looks like its floating in the space. You need to fill the space and make sure there is enough of a balance between how much wall and the picture. If you are hanging a picture gallery, check that your artwork is spaced together properly ie the gaps between them aren’t too large so that the pics all look part of a great whole.

Artwork can also be hung too high. A good rule of thumb is to hang your artwork so that the middle of the picture is about 145cm.

 Randomly Placed

 Correctly Spaced